We are hiring: Digital Communications Executive

Job Description To develop and execute compelling, customer-focused content for both internal communication channels (web, e-brochures etc) and external communication channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+…

Get Customers to return with Retargeting

Have you ever visited a website like and leave, only for every website you visit afterwards, to open up containing some form of advertisement for the Learn more about how it is done.

Know more about your website

So the best time to get Google Analytics installed and working for you is today. Yesterday in fact. If we have developed an online project…

Save Money & Time with our All-Inclusive Maintenance Plan

With the On-Demand Website Maintenance service from Digitask Nigeria, your website is guaranteed to: get a higher rank in Google search results; automatically adjust its appearance based on mobile device e.g. iPad, iPhone, Blackberry; get Social Media…

The way we both see it

In the Arts and Design world, it is widely believed that it is possible for every individual to each have their own distinctive interpretation of a creative piece. So its can be quite magical when a designed piece resonates with an audience exactly the way the designer wants it to.

Sometime last month, a winner of the just concluded YouWin project in Nigeria asked us to design a logo for his new business, only leaving us with one keyword – “catchy and loud”. Okay, so that’s two words but with the greater emphasis placed on the word “loud”, it seemed to us like the client just threw in the other two so as not to sound monosyllabic. He had made his point, loud and clear.