We are taking steps to become Eco-Friendly

It is looooong overdue but now, we are surely on the path to becoming a Carbon-neutral Company.

  • Almost Paperless and Carbon-free office

    We believe that many of the ways we use paper today can be avoided altogether. Paper is generally made from trees, the more paper we all use, the more trees are felled, leading to an imbalance in the Eco-System.  From Memos to Invoices, we are taking advantage of electronic services and using less paper wherever we can. On the rare occasion we have to use paper, we try to use paper that has been recycled.

    We have an Online Project Management Console which allows our clients to monitor, evaluate and contribute to all stages of their projects. Go to to get started.

  • Apple computers & eco-friendly hardware

    We work with Apple computers in our media and photography division. Apple has been striving to produce eco-friendly computers for us all. Expensive piece of hardware, but we aren’t complaining. ;)

  • Recycling programs

    We have an in-office recycling program in place. Its really an unwritten rule: Re-use and share materials with colleagues wherever and whenever you can.

  • Virtual Meetings Reduce Air Pollution

    We are kinder to the environment when we conduct meetings by telephone, teleconference, video conference or web conference when possible.