Website Maintenance Partnership that works

Discover how a complete, reliable, and dedicated web management team can make the difference in the image and performance of your Organisation’s website.


The Challenge

Your website needs to be updated, but you do not have the time to spend on the process or the high cost of employing a dedicated web master. The fact is many organisations simply do not have enough website maintenance work to justify hiring a full-time webmaster.

[pullquote style=”right” quote=”dark”]Trying to maintain your website by yourself could end up costing you more than you think.[/pullquote] In another scenario, a company or individual will build you a website only to make you wait weeks for updates, or after launch, you are then expected to manage complicated changes and updates using an even more complicated CMS (Content Management System)


Website Maintenance is never ending

Just as important as creating a good website is ensuring that the content is kept current, relevant and interesting for your target audience. Unfortunately, too many Organisations end up with cookie-cutter web sites that very quickly grow old and out-of-date. [pullquote style=”right” quote=”dark”]To maintain your website, it is often good to have a plan that ensures things are taken care of[/pullquote] New, fresh and interesting content encourages visitors to keep returning to your website because the more relevant the content that people find on your website is, the more likely they are to return. It is that simple.

Keeping content regularly updated requires a continual (or at least periodic) investment of time in your website. In most cases, simply building a website then forgetting about it is a wasted investment.


Website Maintenance Partnership that works for you

At Digitask Nigeria, our primary goal and focus is partnering with our clients, allowing them to concentrate on their core business objectives while getting maximum return on their web technology investments.

With our maintenance plan, you have complete fine-grain control over your account and how it works for you.  More than 20 business websites and Government-backed websites are actively on the plan

Sign up today and get a 50% discount. Or simply opt for a free website evaluation.

Update. Upgrade. Upscale.


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